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Kinostart: 2007
Schauspieler: Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Bruno Ganz, André Hennicke, Marcel Iureș, Adrian Pintea, Florin Piersic Jr., Matt Damon, Roxana Guttman, Anamaria Marinca...
Filmdauer: 02:05:00
Datum: 26 10 2007
Filmverleih: American Zoetrope
Drehbuch: Francis Ford Coppola
Produzent: Francis Ford Coppola
Ausführender: Fred Roos, Anahid Nazarian
Editor: Walter Murch
Proddesign: Călin Papură
Budget: 5000000
A love story wrapped in a mystery. Set in Europe before WWII, professor of language and philosophy Dominic Matei is struck by lightning and ages backwards from 70 to 40 in a week, attracting the world and the Nazis. While on the run, the professor meets a young woman who has her own experience with a lightning storm. Not only does Dominic find love again, but her new abilities hold the key to his research.

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