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Ursprünglicher Filmtitel: Sneakers
Produktionsland:United States of America
Kinostart: 1992
Filmdauer: 02:06:00
Direktor: Phil Alden Robinson
Datum: 09 09 1992
Drehbuch: Walter F. Parkes, Lawrence Lasker, Phil Alden Robinson
Produzent: Walter F. Parkes, Lawrence Lasker, William M. Elvin
Ausführender: Lindsley Parsons Jr.
Editor: Tom Rolf
Proddesign: Patrizia von Brandenstein
When shadowy U.S. intelligence agents blackmail a reformed computer hacker and his eccentric team of security experts into stealing a code-breaking 'black box' from a Soviet-funded genius, they uncover a bigger conspiracy. Now, he and his 'sneakers' must save themselves and the world economy by retrieving the box from their blackmailers.

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